Emergency Dentist ONLINE

Urgence Dentaire

At Santé Dentaire Laval, we take emergencies and dental pain very seriously. In fact, dental pain is known to be the most intense pain that a person can feel in his life. That's why since 2009, we are known members of the organization of Emergency dental city of Laval where all dentists in the area refer their patients to other clinics when they are unable to receive them. We gladly welcome daily patients who are in pain faster than usual.

We are currently offering a dental online consultation service which includes the following:

  • 20 minutes online consultation with a dentist.
  • Complete review of your current medication.
  • The dentist will help find a solution to your questions and may prescribe medication if necessary
  • In some instances, you may get a referral to an emergency clinic with a complete report of your online visit to accelerate your visit.
  • A receipt of 50$ for your insurance and/or taxes.

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